Variable data printing is one of the methods of digital printing that utilizes certain software and change the output of digital printing press to customize each piece with unique images or text based on the existing spreadsheet or database.

It’s often been used for addressing, but currently used more frequently to personalize the graphic, text or branding messages to keep more pertinent to the recipient.

You can assume variable data printing service as a supercharged form of personalization where every information you have on potential or current customers can be used in creating more targeted marketing. This marketing method can be much effective in marketing campaigns, as the element of personal touch is added, which makes it feel as you are speaking directly to the recipient.

How Can Variable Data Printing Service Simplify Print Marketing?

1. Personalization

Variable data printing indeed can help in simplifying the process of print marketing in various ways. The personalization of data printing makes your communication process better in connecting with a different type of target audiences who could benefit from your products and services. By displaying your interest in who your recipient is, what is the pain point that they have and provide the solution for them, they are more likely to engage with your brand.

2. High Efficiency

When you are using VDP, it is easy to change out the name as well as the address on each mail that you send out, eliminating the need for the time-consuming address labelling. Once the order is printed, it is ready to go out without much hassle.

3. Market Testing

Asides from connecting with your audience, the personalization features of VDP also allows you to test the water and gain insight into the effectiveness of your campaign. Whether you are applying A/B testing or customer tracking method, you can use VDP to help you understand further what printing marketing tactics work best with your audience as a whole or particular segment of it.

variable data printing service

Why Does Your Business need to Know About Data Printing?

If your business invests in direct mail without using the variable data printing, you certainly miss out the golden opportunity. Time and time again, the data printing service has proven to increase the rate of response to direct mail as much as 400-600 per cent.

In other words, when the images and details info included on mailers are specific to the recipient, they are more likely to bait an eye and consider the material. As a matter of fact, it is the next step in direct mail marketing. Don’t just send out the generic campaign to your audience anymore. Start creating custom information that can appeal to each recipient and make them want to engage with you.

Need Help Bringing Your Idea to Life with VDP?

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