Established since 2001 and wholly Malaysian-owned, Documation Sdn Bhd is the leader in business process outsourcing. We help you accelerate your communication with your customers through paper and electronic delivery, thus improving your services to them. Our Integrated Output Management Framework allows us to offer highly efficient & cost-effective solutions & services to help you move into electronic delivery either through email, SMS, or social media. We have a successful track record in the insurance, oil & gas, banking, stockbroking, telco, and government sectors.

Our people are the main pillars of our success. Recruiting only the best, and equipping them with comprehensive training & coaching, and providing great infrastructure and robust analytics, make our employees outperform the industry’s best and maintain high standards of quality.



Business Process Outsourcing for Data Printing and Mailing, eDelivery and Archiving, Document Scanning and Data Capturing, Returned Mail Management, Loyalty Card Personalization, and Campaign Tracking


We are ISO27001 : 2013 Information Security Management System certified, in the provision of data processing, template design document formatting for digital printing and mailing, e-statement, archiving, returned mail management and data capturing services.