Go Digital with eONE – Electronic Document Management Solution

Whether you plan to go paperless, manage digital content more efficiently or automate document-driven processes, Documation offers the best document management solution for your organisation needs.

What is the Electronic Document Management System?

The Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is a software system for organising and storing various kinds of documents in multiple formats created throughout an organisation. Typically, the document management solution Malaysia refers to centralised system software that captures and manages both digital files and images of scanned paper documents.

The electronic document management software mainly focuses on using and optimising active documents and structured data such as PDF files, Words Documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint and other defined formats. It is a comprehensive system that allows knowledge workers to organise and distribute the documents efficiently across the organisation for better, integrated use within the operation.

Why is Document Management Software Essential for Organization?

Many organisations nowadays manage a conglomeration of paper and digital information. The content can be in many formats: paper documents, electronic files, scanned files and images.  The document maybe stored on private or public networks hard drives, shared drives or filing cabinets.

The multiple repositories and information silos current challenges. The organisations will face a higher risk of lost or damaged files, redundancies or even errors. With document management system Malaysia, it can act as a platform to integrate disparate document for greater control, access as well as process efficiency. The system offers numerous significant advantages in terms of information retrieval, governance, security and lower cost of operations. In other words, document management software helps your organisation stores, manages and tracks its electronics document efficiently. Thus, the document management system can be a crucial part of a digital transformation for any organisation.

Our online e-delivery and archival solution for your statements, insurance policies & notices via email, SMS, API integration & Mobile Apps.

Key Advantages:

e-Statement is the delivery of customers’ transactional statements in electronic format using the following delivery methods:

Product Features

  • Developed to cater for e-Statement archiving. Archiving is done in batches with huge count of documents during e-Statement process.
  • Web-based document archiving solution.
  • Tracking and reporting of e-Statement sent & viewed status.
  • Archiving of emails and PDF for search and retrieval
  • Role-based access control on processes.
  • Search and retrieval of archived documents by pre-defined key fields.
  • Potential for big data analysis.
  • Users can search, retrieve and download digital copies of their statements, insurance policies and notices during the entire storage period.
  • Multiple Level Access Control by statement type, department, branch, agency, agent and end user (account owner, policy holder, etc).
  • Role-based access control and user management functions ensure optimum security and control.

Authentication, authorisation, integrity, audit trails, UAT and disaster recovery.

Omni-channel API ready for corporate portal & mobility integration.

  • Able to Password encrypt PDF files for email attachment
  • Template-based HTML email
  • Mail merge keyword/data field for content template, email sender & subject
  • Multiple email Threads & queues for faster sending to SMTP
  • Multiple admin monitor email for job status & error notification
  • Configurable number of email messages send to SMTP per active connection
  • Thread sleep time after N email send
  • Email Bounce module
    • Export Bounce report to CSV
    • Process hard bounce & soft bounce with status code & reason
  • Email Tracking and Reporting
    • email status: sent, failed, bounced, opened
  • Scheduled processing start time
  • Security Control on access & operation
  • Unsubscribe email option (Opt-Out)
    • Search Opt-Out database
    • Export Opt-Out report to CSV
  • SMS notification with URL link
  • Comes with open-source MariaDB database
  • Works with enterprise databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, etc.