In Documation, we have well trained and experienced professionals to undertake end-to-end document production and management services.

Document Production     (High-Speed Laser Printing)

To assist and support enterprises in capital investment as well as a reduction in document production costs. Outsource your mass document production (i.e high-speed printing of documents) such as invoices, policies, statements, notices, training manuals, and reports to us.

We have the knowledge, expertise, and capabilities in providing high-speed laser printing of transactional documents in APF/IPDS, and in short or long print runs.

Mail Processing and Fulfillment

Our services include binding, insertion & enveloping of documents, sorting and delivery of mails, whether large or small, straightforward or complex, intelligent or non-intelligent.

Returned Mail Management

To ensure effective delivery of targeted mails, our returned mail management services automates the tracking and information capturing of undeliverable mails. Reports will be generated and provided to our customer for the updating of their customers’ databases.

Print On Demand

We cater for ad-hoc, small, specialized and fast turnaround print runs such as training manuals, employee benefit books, technical documentation, etc.

Card Personalization Services

We provide card personalization and printing services such as Card Embossing, Thermal Printing & Magnetic Encoding.